10 things I’ve learned about university (follow up to “Eek, what have I done….”

  1. Fresher’s week is not compulsory for 69 year olds.
  2. They don’t have Rag weeks anymore.
  3. Students are just the best bunch of people, and really kind to me…..
  4. Plymouth Uni cafes are brilliant. Make friends with the ladies in the cafes. They know stuff
  5. My lecturers are amazing. Hardworking. Incredibly knowledgeable and endlessly helpful.
  6. I aged 50 years in my first year.
  7. When you go in the Uni library at 7.46am on a Sunday morning there’s no on there (to see you eat your Maccy D’s breakfast)
  8. Doing essays all day Sunday sucks. Except the time Arsenal beat Spurs 4:2.
  9. We had no exams this year. They could be the breaking of me next year.
  10. I must get fitter





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