Reasons to be cheerful ……….

  1. Arsenal have won their last 3 league games in a row, which none of the other 8 teams above them have…..
  2. They haven’t yet cancelled the Tour de France (Yes I know!)
  3. People never stopped loving the NHS, but who would dare starve it of funds and privatise it now? (Ok except for 1. blind ideologists and 2. those who would make money out of it)
  4. Capitalists are being shown up for what they are – greedy and uncaring (they know who they are)
  5. Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta has successfully recovered from Coronavirus.
  6. Carbon emissions are way down (except in Poland apparently but nobody knows why)
  7. You can unsubscribe from Deliveroo e-mails and their once an hour COOOEEE WE’RE HERE!!
  8. The planet Venus will pass in front of the Pleiades at the start of April 2020. Zoom will have it as a background
  9. We had a note through the door from neighbours who were leafleting  asking if anyone needed help
  10. We’ve got a Sainsbury’s delivery tomorrow at 7.30 am (and I have ordered only 1 item of everything on the order)

Now I have realised all the above seems incredibly shallow. I’ve always searched for the humour in everything but my goodness things are not good at the moment. I thought today I haven’t written on my blog for ages but where do you start. I don’t have any great wisdom except I know a lot of nice people who are making the best of things and helping others where they can. I don’t have the big picture. And I’m probably writing out of anxiety.

Facing the 3 day week in the 70’s we thought was challenging. The power used to go off at 6:00pm twice a week until 9:00pm. I did my Institute of Bankers exams revision by candlelight. (I didn’t pass). But nothing like this, and it’s difficult to know how long it will last.

So this is the most unsatisfying post I have written but that’s no bad thing because there are no reference points.

Anyway here’s my post war ration book. Let’s hope I don’t need it.


PS I have no idea what, who or where Pleiades is.

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